It can be scary to find mold in your home. Certain types of mold, and certain concentrations of mold, can cause serious injuries to you and your family.

Confronted with mold, many of my clients want to test their home for mold contamination immediately. Many hardware stores sell do-it-yourself mold-testing kits. Using one of these kits is less expensive than hiring an expert to perform the testing, so it makes sense to save money and use the do-it-yourself kit, right?

Well, not always. I am not complaining about the accuracy of these kits. However, if you have been seriously injured by mold and end up filing a lawsuit, a do-it-yourself mold-testing kit will not be considered compelling evidence at trial. The defense attorney will ask the jury to consider that you do not have the qualifications to handle mold testing yourself. Opposing counsel may even suggest to the jury that you performed the test intending to create high mold levels as a means of manufacturing a lawsuit. These arguments are usually ludicrous, but still, why take the risk?

Home mold testing kits can be useful for many things. But if you suspect that you or your home have been seriously damaged by mold, you need to leave the testing to the professionals.

If you believe you have been injured by mold, you may need legal counsel. Please give me a call. I will help you understand when to hire a mold expert, and who you should hire. There is no charge for our first meeting together.

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