When you go to the workplace, you want to be working in a safe environment. Unfortunately an office or workplace is not always safe.

I regularly receive phone calls from persons who find mold in their office. Oftentimes these individuals have been working in an office for years, and they have noticed that they feel sick whenever they arrive. After dealing with these conditions for a lengthy period of time, it is discovered that the office is contaminated with mold. Sometimes the worker’s exposure to the mold has been so extensive that their injuries can be very significant, perhaps even permanent. Who is responsible for your medical bills?

When you are injured on the job, frequently the employer is responsible to pay workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits will include paying for medical treatment related to injuries caused by mold exposure. However, workers’ compensation benefits do not compensate injured workers for many other types of damages, such as pain and suffering.

We can frequently solve that problem. For example, it is possible that a third-party (someone other than the employer) is responsible for the mold’s growth. For example, maybe an HVAC contractor negligently installed duct work in a way that caused the mold growth. In that circumstance, you might have a valid lawsuit against the contractor.

If you believe your office is contaminated with mold, I would be happy to meet with you. There is no charge for the first meeting.

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