At the Law Offices of F. Bryan Brice, Jr., our central focus is environmental law at local, North Carolina state, and Federal levels. We represent individuals, families, businesses, and municipalities, serving as advocates and guides through the often confusing and difficult landscape of environmental law.

We help businesses – both large and small – as well as individuals with claims involving property damage, loss, or personal injury suffered as a result of another’s environmental noncompliance or negligence.

Environmental matters we frequently handle include: groundwater contamination, leaking underground storage tanks and resulting contamination, Superfund cases and hazardous waste issues, Brownfields, wetlands permitting and land use, erosion, flooding, mold cases, and contamination and other issues resulting from agricultural operations. We aggressively advocate for clients to ensure that their property is restored, that they are fairly compensated for loss of value to their property, and that any medical or personal injury claims are properly resolved.

Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with North Carolina’s environmental laws and regulatory agencies, an invaluable asset in the negotiation and litigation processes. We are ready to put our substantial knowledge and experience in environmental law to work for you.

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