Real Estate & Land Use Issues


Zoning laws are government controlled restrictions on how a certain piece of land can be used. Land zones can be categorized as housing, financial, or industrial. Zoning laws are formed so that people can buy houses in residential areas and not have to deal with a loud or polluting factory next door to them.

Let the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of F. Bryan Brice, Jr., assist you with any zoning issues you may have. Attorneys in this practice group regularly advise municipalities and counties on land use issues and handle zoning, subdivision, and board of adjustment matters on behalf of property owners and developers. Attorneys also assist commercial and residential developers in obtaining or opposing local government decisions relating to zoning, permitting, variances, annexations, special use permits, site plan approval, subdivisions, and road closings. Not only have the attorneys here dealt with numerous zoning cases, they have also experienced zoning firsthand themselves as they have seen downtown Raleigh continue to grow and change over the past decade.


If a piece of property is sold and there is any contamination found, even if the contamination did not occur while you owned the property, you could be found liable because your name has been on the chain of title. Prudent sellers will place language within the land sale contract preventing them from liability from such if contamination is found after they have sold it. Our attorneys are well versed in land sale contracts, and can help protect you from being found liable for contamination that is not your fault.

Risk Allocation

The increased risk of environmental liabilities accompanying a property must be taken into consideration of purchasers and sellers of financially troubled real estate. Those environmental risks may negatively affect the property value, damage revenue-generating possibilities, and create liability for purchasers in the future. Attorneys who draft real estate purchase agreements must prudently assess all environmental risks, known and presently unknown, to diminish the possibility of future liability. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of F. Bryan Brice, Jr., know precisely how to construct real estate purchase agreements that take into account all possible environmental risks and can help you to avoid possible liability issues in the future.

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