Superfund, including Third Party Contribution Claims

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (also known as Superfund or CERCLA) is Federal legislation targeting the cleanup of contamination from hazardous waste.  

Parties that contribute to the contamination of a site and sometimes landowners who had no involvement with the contamination may be held liable for cleanup costs, regardless of whether the contamination was intentional or accidental. Where there are multiple parties involved in the generation and transportation of hazardous waste, all can be required to contribute to the cost of remediation and litigation between all the parties responsible (known as third party contribution claims) or with the government can be difficult.  

Cleanup can be extremely costly, and these laws constitute a minefield of challenges.  However, there is potential for avoiding liability and, through various strategies, minimizing cost.  If you find yourself facing liability under Superfund, either to the government, or a third party seeking reimbursement for cleanup costs, we can help.

Read more about the EPA Superfund Program.

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