Toxic Torts

Groundwater monitoring wells provide critical data in both residential and commercial settings.

A toxic tort case involves a person exposed to an environmental contaminate that results in personal injury. These are cases that are generally much more complex than the average personal injury case—thus, whether you were injured or you were accused of causing injury to another, you need the protection of an experienced toxic tort attorney.

We handle a slew of toxic tort cases. We understand that the science behind proving these cases requires close consultation with an environmental science firm, and we understand that a toxic tort case usually requires strong medical causation testimony from an experienced doctor. We know the experts and we understand the science. Because of our experience, we know how to help you with a toxic tort case.

If you believe you were injured by contamination, or if you have been accursed of causing contamination, please contact our law firm. We have the experience with these cases necessary to provide the representation warranted by the seriousness of a toxic tort.

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